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Shelter Information

Every year approximately 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States.
It is essential that you spay or neuter your pet. If you are looking for a new four-legged
furry friend to join your family, PLEASE consider adopting a dog from your local
shelter. Rescue dogs are often mutts, which means we can also be some of the cutest dogs around.
However, if you are not the gambling type, shelters often have purebred dogs available.
Or, you can check one of the breed-specific rescue organizations.

Arizona All Arizona Animal Welfare League
Arizona All Arizona Friends For Life Sanctuary
Cave Creek All Animal Guardian Network
Phoenix All Mixed Up Mutts and Shepherds Too
Phoenix All Arizona Humane Society
Phoenix All Helping Animals Live On
Phoenix All Animal Benefits Club
Phoenix All Arizona Rescue
Phoenix All Citizens for North Phoenix Strays
Maricopa County All Paw Placement
Tucson All Humane Society of Southern Arizona
Tucson All Foundation for Animals in Risk
Arizona Small Dogs Not So Grande Dogs
Arizona Australian Cattle Dogs Desert Hills Heelers K9 Rescue
Arizona Australian Shepherd Aussie Lads Aussie Rescue
Arizona Basset Hound Arizona Basset Hound Rescue
Arizona Beagle Arizona Beagle Rescue
Arizona Boxer Boxer LUV Rescue,
Arizona Bulldog Love A Bully English Bulldog Rescue
Arizona Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Arizona Retriever Rescue
Phoenix White German Shepherds White German Shepherd Rescue
Arizona Golden Retrievers and GR mixes Arizona Golden Rescue
Arizona Great Dane Great Dane Rescue of Arizona Alliance
Arizona Greyhound Arizona Adopt A Greyhound
Arizona Labrador Retriever Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue
Arizona Retrievers Arizona Retriever Rescue
Phoenix Area Rottweiler Phoenix Area Rottweiler Rescue (PARR)
Arizona Sheltie Arizona Sheltie Rescue, Inc.
Arizona Siberian Husky Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue

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